Monday, February 1, 2010

Throughout my experience of being in grad school at PSU, I have been trying to take care of my chronic back pain by trying out different treatments and methods. Thus far, I have taken yoga class, seen a psychiatrist, an osteopath, an acupuncturist, a chiropractor and lately I have been going to OHSU to see pain specialists and physical therapists. By trying out these different avenues I have learned alot of techniques to alleviate some of the pain such as breathing exercises and stretches. The last couple of months, I have been sort of stuck on my obstacle course project because it still was not manifesting as a concrete form in my head. This week though, I have decided to remap this particular project so I can incorporate some of the things that I am learning from physical therapy and yoga class into it. Whenever I talk about my back pain to other people I feel like I'm fucking up the vibe for being a complainer, so I feel good that I can have a project where I can put it into some sort of productive use. I feel better now thinking about the project too as divided into small sections as opposed to one cohesive whole.

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betsy q. bramble said...

are those orthopedic monkey slippers?